A Peek Inside Robert Verdi’s Carry On Bag

One of our highlights of fashion week was visiting the Robert Verdi Luxe Lab. Not only did we get to meet Robert, we had one of our biggest celeb sightings EVER, our red headed idol, Julianne Moore. While there, we took a peek inside Robert’s carry on bag.

Robert totes the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Travel set with its travel-ready, FAA-compliant products to keep fresh-faced and fabulous. In the kit are the classic formulations of Ultra Facial Cleanser, Ultra Facial Toner, Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Lip Balm #1.

For pictures and videos, Robert uses his pocket size KODAK Zi6-video camera to capture the moment and easily upload the film to any USB port.

Robert’s carry on bag this fall is the Ferragamo Amber Alligator Satchel, which he calls, “this season’s on-the-road it bag.”

Between Robert’s sprawling roster of clients and his own jet-set schedule, it’s imperative that he stay plugged in using the FlyBook laptop. The laptop has a swivel monitor which was designed especially for use on planes, allows for easy Internet connectivity in 230 countries and weighs in at a stylish 3.5 pounds.

As tech savvy as he is, Robert still keeps hard copies of everything in his Coach planner.

Sunglasses are Robert’s trademark, so he keeps the season’s hottest pair with him at all times. Right now he’s rocking Carreras from Safilo.

Robert’s secret for getting the low-down on the way to the next hot-spot are the slim, portable Phaidon Wallpaper City Guides.

city guides

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