A Peek Inside Poppy King, “The Lipstick Queen”‘s Carry On Bag

A Peek Inside Poppy King, “The Lipstick Queen”‘s Carry On Bag

Poppy King The Lipstick Queen

We recently met Poppy King, aka the “Lipstick Queen” fresh from a trip to London. Here’s what she travels with:

My carry on bag is a large Louis Vuitton (I think this style is called “Never Full). It’s super simple and fits everything.

carry on bag

What beauty products do you travel with?
I travel with Visine, NIA 24 Skin Strengthening Complex and my Lipstick Queen Medieval which is a lip balm and lip color in one.

lip balm

Do you have a favorite wrap or sweater for chilly planes?

Just a good old pashmina!

Are you currently reading any books or have a guilty pleasure magazine for the plane?

I am a real saint and sinner when it comes to reading…I read very heavy books (at the moment my 3rd Proust) and then when I am in a sinner mood I will buy those gossip mags for the plane.

Swanns Way

What music do you listen to on your iPod when traveling?
Disco and funk so that it is upbeat and keeps me in a good mood.

Any favorite plane snacks?
Fruit! It adds the illusion that I am doing something healthy rather than sitting in an awful old plane.

Anything else you always travel with?
A toothbrush! No matter what state I am in if I have clean teeth I feel fresh.

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