A Peek Inside Mara Hoffman’s Carry On Bag

We caught up with famed swimwear designer Mara Hoffman to find out what’s in her carry on. Here’s what she travels with:

I use a vintage Gucci bag that was my Grandmother’s. I’m not a “label” person at all but this bag is so fantastic and there is nothing wrong with some vintage Gucci ;)….OR one of my printed Duffles from my Swim Collection.

What are some of your favorite beauty products when traveling? 

LaMer oil absorbing moisturizer, if it’s a beach destination then some oil free high spf sunblock, Egyptian Magic, lip mositurizers, and Skintimates shaving cream!!!

What type of music do you like to listen to on the plane? 
Depends, I’m a big Bob Dylan fan, or I love mix cd’s from friends.

Any favorite or recent plane reads?
As of recently… Hypnobirthing books :)

What type of sweater or wrap do you usually travel with?
One of my cashmere big wraps or a cotton one depending on the season and weather. (The sweater below is from the Mara Hoffman Spring 2011 collection.) I love them because they double as blankets. Also, I am obsessed with African Kikoys and always travel with one, great for covering your eyes on a plane, they also make great turbans once you hit the beach!

Any favorite plane snacks?
Anything hydrating, fruit, tons of water

Anything else? 

Sketch books, mechanical pencils, and inflatable neck pillows!

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