A Peek Inside Manuela Testolini’s Carry On

We fell in love with the Altru candle line even before we knew the whole story behind them. The gorgeous packaging, copper containers and eco-friendly soy base are all perks, but a candle is only as good as its scent. Altru’s scents are so delicious we would like to bathe in them (and carry around an atomizer for those times when we get a stinky seatmate on a plane or cab driver with questionable hygiene). Our fave is Integrity, a blend of Persian lilac and bamboo.

The line was founded by Manuela Testolini.

A portion of the proceeds support the “In a Perfect World” foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and empower children to become compassionate, socially conscious, and responsible leaders, which makes us like the candles even more. When we heard that each candle’s fragrance and packaging is inspired by the cultures and people Manuela have met around the world during her travels, we knew we had to find out what is in her carry on bag. Manuela has recently traveled to: Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan and around the States and Canada. Here’s what she had with her:

I rotate with big purses –currently the YSL Downtown tote in navy and this vintage looking Miu Miu bag with lots of room and lots of pockets that I’ve had for a few years–but always have my Tumi laptop case with wheels for my Mac AirBook.

My must-have beauty products when I travel are a travel size Aveda Hand Relief Cream,

MAC improper copper cream blush,

and Chopra Center Rupa Aroma Blends which are great to spray on pillows or seats. Each has a different effect invigorating, relaxing, etc.
For a snack I eat a raw trail mix that I make at home or a Luna Bar (Nuts Over Chocolate)

Movie you’ve watched on a plane recently: Sex & the City!

Music that’s on your iPod:

* lots of r&b/soul music – eric benet’s love & life, donny hathaway greatest hits,
* chill/meditative music – altru meditate cd, altru incandescence cd.
* world music – egyptian/north african, south american

At the moment, I’m wearing either my Chloe wedge boots or my Jimmy Choo purple flats.

And I ALWAYS take EmergenC energy/vitamin packs!

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