A Peek Inside MakeupBag’s Carry On

A Peek Inside MakeupBag’s Carry On

One of the first bloggers we met was Erika from Makeup Bag. Ever since, she has been one of our favorite. She’s motivated by her undying passion for lip gloss, nail polish, mascara and more and is also one of the nicest girls you could ever hope to meet. We were dying to know what she had in her carry on when she took off for Hawaii for an extended trip.

The carryon I use is a Briggs & Riley garment bag. It’s a few inches wider than most airlines allow, but so far I haven’t had any issues sneaking it on. Turned sideways, it fits perfectly in an overhead bin, and it’s the perfect size for a 2-3 day business trip.

Packing for me is a complete nightmare. I always wait until the last minute and then waste time obsessing over my toiletries for hours, organizing tubes and bottles and transferring lotions and creams into travel-size containers (my biggest fear is being stuck without an essential beauty product). Then I freak out because when it comes time to throw my clothes in the bag (usually 46 minutes before my plane takes off!). I then realize that all my clothes are in the dirty laundry. And then I cry. (I’m so predictable.)

In my carry-on, I always bring a scarf. My favorite of late is this

Hand cream and lip balm are also a must. My favorite hand cream of all time is Jurlique Citrus and I almost always have a Cherry Chapstick on hand. (Cherry is the flavor my middle daughter insists on having, so to make things easy, it’s the only one I buy anymore!) I am also obsessed with MAC Tendertones but I ran out a few months ago. I’m hoping they’ll be back this summer!

Lately I realized I need essential nail tools in my carry on. A stray cuticle or snagged nail without the tools to take care of it will pretty much make me crazy the entire flight! For this reason, I bring along my Mehaz cuticle nippers and a Tweezerman file.

I’m also not without a thick face cream and a facial mist. I’m sure my fellow passengers think I’m ridiculous, but I try to avoid being too obnoxious by misting the facial spray into my (sanitized) hands and pressing my hands to my face (Clinique has a great facial spray, as does Caudalie). After I spritz (or press) I apply my thick face cream. Creme de la Mer is a tried and true favorite and a teeny sample size jar lasts me 2 or 3 flights.

As a beauty blogger, I never leave home without my Nikon D50, Blackberry and MacBook Pro. Along with these come essential cords, wires and chargers. It’s quite cumbersome but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I couldn’t connect to my virtual world, I might really go CRA crazy.

Tomorrow I leave for Kauai, where I will be spending most of the summer, and I am prepared to beat myself at my own game this time. I’m headed to Fed Ex this morning where I will ship myself a refrigerator-size box of beauty products (what? is that too much?), which alleviates my need to obsess over serums and eye creams and will hopefully allow me to focus on packing the right outfits. I might not even cry.

We hope you’re having a great time, Erika! And that you haven’t run out of beauty products! If you do, let us know, and we’ll send reinforcements!

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