A Peek Inside Lori Goldstein’s Carry On

Lori Goldstein

We had the opportunity to look inside the carry on of Lori Goldstein, stylist extraordinaire and designer of LOGO Instant Chic available on QVC. Here’s how Lori travels:

I find it easier to carry one carry on with wheels. I bought this Louis Vuitton camo for a big birthday present to myself. Many of my trips are overnighters and everything fits in here.

Louis Vuitton Camo bag

I never leave home without my good luck shatoosh shawl. It was a gift many years ago from a very special person, before they were illegal.

lori goldstein carry on

Lip lip lip balm…I cannot travel without lip balm.

lori goldstein carry on lip balm

Thank god for the MAC air. It really makes such a difference for travel. I love it!

lori goldstein carry on Mac Air

I collect Hermes pill boxes.. and use them! Vitamins…and anti anxiety pills. Have I mentioned I hate flying?

I never travel without a my sox.. these paul smith make me smile when I look down.

Paul smith socks

I wear my LOGO Instant Chic Tee. Comfort in the air is almost more important than comfort on the ground–and everyone knows that one of my first rules. You should be able to sleep in your clothes theyre so comfortable.

lori goldstein Logo tee

Finally, I carry every magazine under the sun. I’ve had people sit next to me and wonder, “What is the lady doing? I love to carry on tons of mags. I tear out what i love and give the magazines to the flight attendants. I get special attention after that! =)

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