A Peek Inside Lacey Ryan’s Carry On Bag

lacey ryan

Today we’re peeking inside the carry on bag of jewelry designer, Lacey Ryan. Her pieces are designed to bring luck, protection and strength to the wearer. Here’s what she travels with:

What type of carry on bag do you use?

Whichever bag is closest at the moment with the most room possible!

What are some of your favorite beauty products when traveling?

I always travel with Smashbox tinted moisturizer because I find my skin getting really dry after a long day of traveling and Smith’s Rosebud Salve

What type of music do you like to listen to on the plane?

I like to feel relaxed when traveling and escape into the music. Right now on my iPod is Mumford and Sons, The Temper Trap, Beduoin, Soundclash, The XX, Coldwar Kids, Bon Iver and of course, Adele

Any favorite or recent plane reads?

I like to stock up on magazines in the airport.

What type of sweater or wrap do you usually travel with?

I always have a super soft and large jersey knit scarf

Any favorite plane snacks?

Pretzels and Sour Patch Kids for a mix of sweet and salty

Anything else that you always travel with?

I always travel with a couple of sets of Lacey Ryan bracelets so I can have to mix, match and stack throughout my trip. I also always have my jewelry tools with me…you never know!

lacey ryan bracelet

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