A Peek Inside Kiki’s Carry-On from the Tao Nightclub

Kiki Kuzmirek is the best person we’ve met in Vegas. Not only did she hook us up on our last visit, she made sure we had the best time ever on Anne’s bachelorette party this weekend. Saying goodbye was harder this go-around, since we got to know each other well and found out how much we have in common. Thanks for everything, Kiki!

Kiki Kuzmirek is the Bachelorette Coordinator for the TAO Group’s three Las Vegas properties (TAO Asian Bistro & Nightclub, LAVO Italian Restaurant & Nightclub and TAO Beach). Kiki and the TAO Group offer packages and concierge services to Bachelorette guests that include private dinners, VIP Nightclub tables with cake presentation and DJ shout outs, theater tickets, private security and butler service, personal photography, hotel accommodations, and more.

As no stranger to the hospitality industry, Kiki has served in nightlife for over 5 years and has been with the TAO Group for over 3 years. Kuzmirek graduated from the University of Florida in 2003.

What kind of bag do you travel with?

My bag of choice would be my Betsy Johnson roll-aboard. Good ol’ Betsy has some amazing front pocket which make for easy access to necessities on the plane. It’s also adorably covered in stars which make it simple to spot if I decide to check it. (We couldn’t find the stars pattern but this pinky plaid Betsey is great too!)

What books mags and music do you bring?

Us Weekly is my fave airport reading material. The only time I treat myself to juicy gossip mags is when I’m traveling! As far as music, I have a “Fly Away” playlist on my i pod with a lot of Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, and Pete Yorn (pictured below). They have the perfect tunes to snooze to.

Favorite snacks?

Is it so wrong that I enjoy the fine airplane white wine and pretzels??? I don’t typically pack my own snacks when I travel.

Favorite beauty products do you use on plane?

I love love love Smith’s Rosebud Salve. And I try not to ever leave the house without my MAC Studio Fix compact.

Do you bring a wrap blanket eye mask?

I usually bring my trusty neck pillow, a pashmina, and a pair of big sunglasses: the perfect combo for hibernation.

Add anything else you think would be helpful for a girls’ trip?

I think one sometimes over looked necessity would be the i pod travel speakers. I know my girlfriends and love to turn getting ready into a dance party! I like to make a custom playlist that ends up being the soundtrack to our trip.

We couldn’t agree more, Kiki! Hotels are hit or miss as to whether they have an iPod dock and even if they do, we want the speakers in the bathroom where we’re drying our hair and putting on makeup. We also make playlists for each of our trips

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