A Peek Inside Jane Green’s Carry On Bag

A Peek Inside Jane Green’s Carry On Bag

Jane Green is one of our favorite chick lit authors—her books are fun, easy, fast reads that are also clever, heartwarming and not overly syrupy. We had the chance to meet her at a Biore event recently (more on that later) and found out what’s in her carry on bag.

It doesn’t matter where we’re going or how long we’re going for, my husband insists I carry on my bag. He has trained me well! I always feel like I’ve under packed, but I never wear it all. The only time I’ve gotten in trouble is cities, like Paris, but then you go and buy what you need.

I’m a big fan of the capsule wardrobe, everything is shades of griege, navy is the only color you will never see me in. My trick is lots of layering. I pack lots of t-shirts, very thin cashmere cardis and scarves, and jewelry is a must. You can transform an outfit with just a necklace.

As for beauty products, I go nowhere without Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. They’re the most satisfying product in the whole world.

biore pore strips

My lip balm is Kiehl’s totally plain, no flavor. I like that it’s in a tube so it won’t spill. Everything in my bag gets broken or the lids get cracked somehow and fall around in my bag.

As for snacks, about two years ago I sat next to Wendie Mallick on the plane and I had brought kale chips and smoked salmon. I don’t like airplane snacks—they give me a sugar high. I do try to always bring kale chips.

kale chips

When I’m flying back to England on an overnight flight. I go to sleep. I always take an Ambien and always take silicone ear plugs. I never get on a plane without silicone ear plugs. No makeup for night flights.

I asked Jane Green which book of hers she would recommend when traveling. Her picks:

If you were going somewhere hot, you would have to take the Beach House, it’s set in Nantucket and is the perfect vacation read.


If you were going skiing, take Promises to Keep. It’s sad, but has lots of fires and is quite cozy.


Fans of Jane Green will want to check out Biore’s Facebook page starting today where you can download a short story she wrote for F-R-E-E!

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