A Peek Inside: Intoxicated Zodiac’s Carry On

A Peek Inside: Intoxicated Zodiac’s Carry On

We recently caught up with Gwen Sutherland, founder of Intoxicated Zodiac, a line of candles, totes and glasses that combines cocktails and astrology in a novel approach. No surprise here, Gwen is a former mixologist with an interest in astrology and fashion. Be sure to check out her site for recipes like the Mulberry Madame (recommended for Geminis). Here’s what Gwen has in her carry on:

BAG: My carry on is my latest thrift shop find. I LOVE it and you can almost fit a house inside.

SCENT: Intoxicated Zodiac shot glass travel candle in my my sign: Capricorn molasses espressotini. I’ll keep it out on my tray for the whole flight. the smell is literally intoxicating. (JSG note: Don’t try lighting a candle on a plane, please.)

SKIN CARE: Lavender Cream by local pharmacist Merrieweather‘s is the best cream I’ve found for dry skin.

GUM: Glee Gum, or any natural gum, to prevent my ears from popping. It has no chemical sweeteners, no corn syrup, no gmos… hard to find these days.

AIRBORNE: I start taking them as soon as the plane is airborne and continue the whole trip, I swear by this stuff.

BOTTLED WATER & PURE INVENTIONS EXTRACT: I always have a bottle of water on me, and on long trips I also bring along a bottle of Pure Inventions extract to infuse into my water. A few drops of the anti-oxidant serum infuses your water with awesome and healthy flavor. My fave is the pomegranate acai berry.

BOOK: The Catswold Portal“>The Catswold Portal by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

MUSIC: Michael Jackson at the moment

SKETCH PAD: Eight hours in the same seat can actually enhance creativity!

CROSS STITCH: Cross stitching is meditative. It does wonders to distract the anxious airborne mind, and the best part is that you end up with a cute needlepoint that makes a great gift.

DVD: True Blood (long overdue)

WATCH: Citizen Eco-Drive men’s solar watch in black

WARM COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: Sweatshirt and socks— I’m always cold and so are my feet.

I always take a written diary with me too. I don’t travel light, but to me, there is no worse crime than wasted time!

Buy Intoxicated Zodiac Candles on JSG’s OpenSky store.

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