A Peek Inside Christina Joy’s Carry On Bag

We recently charmed New York City stylist, Christina Joy into showing us what’s in her carry on bag. Christina is our go-to-gal for any and all style questions and she even talked JSG’s Annie into wearing white at her recent wedding. Here’s what she travels with:

Depending on the trip and its duration, I either carry a Hartmann bag or a Prada oversize carryall (shown). Both are made of ballistic nylon so they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. They’ve traveled with me everywhere from Berlin to St. Barths.

My beauty arsenal consists of travel sizes of my favorites. My must haves are La Mer moisturizing crème for my face and under eyes followed by T. LeClerc pressed powder to mattify. Toothpaste is an absolute must along with a Lancôme Juicy Tube for some glossy lip shine. Then I finish with some Ligne St. Barths Tiare body lotion and vials of my Jo Malone scent, Pomegranate Noir. It’s my formula for arriving fresh.

I never travel without my Donna Karan black cashmere cozy. It starts as a sweater and doubles as a wrap/blanket on the plane. There are more than 12 ways to wear it so it’s an invaluable piece for the girl on the go. I urge all my clients to add it to their collection because of its utility, simplicity, luxe feel and look.

I splurged on mine however, DKNY makes an affordable version as well.

My business revolves around not only pop culture but also the applied and fine arts. There’s so much to keep up with. I’m always digesting some bit of information. And I’m always behind on my stack of tear sheets from The New York Times and every magazine out there. That stack travels with me along with a notebook to jot down ideas.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is my motto. I always pack H2O, an apple or clementine, a GNU chocolate brownie protein bar and a pack of gum.

I am addicted to my ipods. I cannot travel without one. I keep them stocked with my complete library though each holds varied playlists with different music for different moods, scenes and settings. Always playing are old school hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest, The Notorious B.I.G and Brit punk and new wave like The Clash and New Order. Then I top it off with some Jamiroquai, MGMT, Phoenix and the one and only Grace Jones.

Anything else in my carry on? My Blackberry and charger, of course. I can temporarily run my business from my Blackberry so it’s a necessary companion. I’m also never without my Canon PowerShot SD900 digital camera.

Christina applies her unique Curatorial Styling® approach whether she’s building enduring wardrobe collections or designing personalized interiors for some of the City’s most influential individuals. For more info, check out her website Christina Joy NYC.

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