A Peek Inside Cheryl Burke’s Carry On Bag

A Peek Inside Cheryl Burke’s Carry On Bag


Cheryl Burke is the envy of America right now since she gets to dance with Cuban hottie William Levy every week—not to mention that she has a fabulous pair of legs and is the Veet ambassador. Here’s what Cheryl travels with in her carry on:

What does your carry on bag look like?

I hate to be weighed down, so I usually check my bag and keep just a tote with me. I have a black studded Louboutin bag, I’ve been using as my purse lately. I’m obsessed with it, and it’s practically bottomless. That’s all I need!

What beauty products do you always have with you on the plane?

I try to travel as light as possible. I like to wax with Veet® Ready-To-Use Wax Strips before a trip; the results last up to 28 days and my beauty bag is free from bulky razors and shave cream.

BMF Media Event With Cheryl Burke

Any favorite or recent books or magazines you’ve read on the plane?

My busy schedule can be exhausting, so I take advantage of flights to catch up on sleep. But I always make sure to catch up on all the Weeklies!

What type or sweater or wrap do you wear?

I either have a long wrap sweater or a jacket from the Ideology line at Macy’s with me.

Anything else you always have with you on the plane?

I always take a huge water bottle with me. Keeping hydrated is super important – especially when you fly.

Tune into watch Cheryl and William on Dancing With the Stars on ABC tonight at 8 PM.

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