A Peek Inside Allyson Felix’s Carry On Bag

A Peek Inside Allyson Felix’s Carry On Bag

allyson-felix1I had the chance to catch up with Olympic gold medalist and track star Allyson Felix last week about the upcoming London games. She says she the aspect of the games that excite her the most is to compete. “But I love everything that the Olympics embodies, walking in the opening ceremony and the Olympic village. There’s something about that stage that is so special.”

Here’s what she’ll have in her carry on when she heads to London for the 2012 Olympics:

Definitely my computer and phone. There’s lots of downtime, so I like to watch shows like Dexter and Criminal Minds and the Real Housewives is my guilty pleasure. I just started reading the Hunger Games.

As for beauty products, Crest 3D White toothpaste, Aveeno lotion, Chanel lipgloss and facial wipes. Wipes are essential when you’re on the track for so long. For sunblock, I use Aveeno Postively Radiant Daily Moisturizer; I’m in the sun every single day and it doesn’t run even when I sweat.

For snacks, I like Gatorade Energy Chews—they’re really small bites so you can pop them in where ever you go. I eat mine on the track—and the Gatorade Post Workout Recovery smoothie—it uses real fruit juices, and it’s not as heavy as a protein shake. It’s great for right after you workout.

I also had the chance to ask Allyson a few questions from a younger JSG reader:

When did you start running track?
I got a late start and didn’t start running track until high school. Now they start really, really young. I got started because I was at a brand new high school. My dad and my brother suggested I go out for it to meet new people and I really did meet a lot of my closest friends.

What was training like?
We focused on the sprints and lifted a lot of weights as well.

Did you play other sports growing up?
I definitely did and I recommend that to all young girls. Sometime you don’t find what you’re interested in until later. I did gymnastics and played basketball my first year of high school. I had an older brother who played as well and I wanted to keep up with him.

To be active is a good thing. Strong is beautiful!

We can’t wait to cheer on Allyson in London this summer!

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