A Peek Inside a Lost Girls’ Carry On Bag

Amanda Pressner in New Zealand

We knew The Lost Girls before they journeyed around the world (1 year, four continents, three friends) and have followed the trio’s adventures ever since. We were able to pin down Amanda Pressner between trips to Jackson Hole and St. Lucia long enough to find out what’s in her carry on. If you haven’t read the Lost Girls book yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy—it’s out in paperback this week!

What type of carry on bag do you use?
I just invested in an Eagle Creek Rolling Tote on that’s designed to work in conjunction with the brand’s space-saving packing cubes. Using their products allows me to break the rule of laying out everything you need for a trip and taking half!

What are some of your favorite beauty products when traveling?
A company called Lypsyl makes a lip balm with the smoothest. lightest texture–it hydrates without leaving your mouth feeling greasy. I also pack Elena Rubinstein’s travel friendly skincare line, including toners, moisturizers and under-eye cream. Most bottles are 3 ounces or less, and are concentrated, so you don’t have to use as much (and risk running out during your trip).

What type of music do you like to listen to on the plane?
When trying to relax, I’ll chill out to ambient tunes in the vein of Sia, Zero Seven or Cafe Del Mar. But most of the time, you’ll find me pecking away on my laptop—in fact, I’m heading back to New York from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and answering these questions in flight!

Any favorite or recent plane reads?
I’m a huge sucker for mindless celebrity gossip, so I’ll usually grab a Star or US Weekly, and read that first, before I dig into my copy of InStyle or Lucky…I save fashion mags for flights when I really have time to study them and create “must-buy” lists of stuff that I never end up getting! JSG Note: The Lost Girls book is another ideal plane read!

What type of sweater or wrap do you usually travel with?
I’d kind of forgotten about Eddie Bauer until I popped into one of their stores recently and found a fantastic denim jacket that felt cut just for me. I’m also obsessed with SmartWool’s layering pieces (shown), as they keep me cozy whether the plane is boiling hot or freezing cold.

Any favorite plane snacks?
On my Jackson trip, I sampled “Tram Bars” which are incredibly addictive granola and chocolate treats that can replace a meal or two snacks. I bought several to throw in my bag for future trips! I do try to eat some kind of whole food item (yogurt, fruits salad, nuts) when I fly since it can be all to easy to grab an Annie Anne’s pretzel or a burrito in the airport and feel kinda gross afterward!

Anything else in your carry on?
See question #1—way too much! I’ve got a pair of OTBT (Off the Beaten Track) boots that look trendy but are comfortable enough to go for miles and miles by foot in a new city. I also pack a ton of scarves for every trip, because you can literally wear black jeans and tee shirt or sweater every day and change the look of your whole outfit by swapping the scarf. And though its a pain to constantly refill the bottles, I bring small sizes of my favorite curly hair products—its worth it to me to have good hair days on the road.

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