A New Hangover Cure?

We read in W a few months back about EBoost, a Vitamin powder, that was rumored to be an excellent hangover cure. You know that caught our attention! It took us a while, but we finally saw it in a store–two to be exact in the same day. (We smell a trend.) We bought the stuff at one of our favorite travel accessories stores, Flight 001. We only got more excited when we saw their tagline was “Jet Set Without Jet Lag”!

Eboost comes packaged like Emergen-C. You pour it in a glass and add water. After girl’s night on Saturday, we had a couple of good candidates (We’re not naming names, but we’ll just say, we’re happy it wasn’t us who booted this year.) However, our initial impressions left us a little dubious. While it has 4,667% of our daily needs of B12 to Emergen-C’s 417%, the stuff smells and tastes truly terrible. It’s much thicker than Emergen-C and comes off as medicinal, kinda like cough syrup light. To be fair, it calls for 8 oz. of water, which we didn’t measure out. Halfway through we added more water to dilute it. It was still undrinkable with a disgusting aftertaste. In fact, the more we drank it, the less we liked it. We couldn’t finish the glass and we really tried. Maybe with ice?

Still, the W Hotels sell it in their minibar and you know they have lots of hungover guests. Verdict: We’re sticking with our proven remedies.

Update: We read the Eboost packet wrong: It actually has 41,667% of the RDA for B12!

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