A New Cure for Cellulite?

A New Cure for Cellulite?

I’ve pretty much had cellulite for as long as I can remember. Seriously, there’s a photo of me stick-thin when I was 15, I’m wearing a white bikini and you can still see it there on my thighs. (If I could find the photo, I would post it.) As cellulite does, it has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

I follow every new cellulite invention with rapt interest and have tried a number of creams and spa treatments with zero results. But I’m happy to report the new CellFina in-office treatment sounds like the most promising one yet. That ‘s a pretty impressive before and after shown above.

It works to sever the connective bands that make the fat dimple (picture it like a button on a sofa or pillow. Once those threads making the bubble are cut, the pillow would be smooth all over). It does this the old-fashioned way, with a small knife. The procedure takes about an hour and you should only need an OTC pain reliever to get through it. It officially reduces the appearance of cellulite for a year, but it sounds like it may be longer in reality. The one-time treatment costs between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on where you live.

As best I can tell, the main differences between Cellfina and Cellulaze, (which, as you may remember, uses a laser) are the time it takes you to see results (three days for Cellfina and three+ months for Cellulaze) and how long the results last (Cellulaze only has FDA clearance for “short-term improvement.) The only thing I can see that might be in the favor of Cellulaze is that, because it’s a laser, it improves your skin tone in addition to removing cellulite. But other than that, all signs point to Cellfina being the winner.

Want more info or to find a doc? Head over to Cellfina.com.

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