A Lesson in Self Tanning

self tanner

Twas the night before our trip to Miami. One JSG went to Mystic Tan, the other decided to experiment with a new product: Model Co’s Self-Tanning Glove from the makers of Airbrush in a Can. She loved that the single-use pouch had exact directions on how to use it, from starting with her legs first, avoiding elbows and other rough patched down to applying it to the back of her hands after she washed them. The glove, is pre-moistened with tanner and is said to contain the exact amount needed for one tan.
Our intrepid JSG washed and scrubbed in the shower, towel dried then was ready to give the glove a whirl. The self-tanner wasn’t sticky and glided on easily. She followed the directions down to a T, threw an extra pouch in her suitcase (Bonus, she thought: it’s in a pouch, so it won’t leak at high altitudes), let it dry for 10 minutes, put on lose pjs then went to bed. “This is the best self tanner ever,” she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep dreaming of pool boys admiring her savage tan while she sipped on a mojito.
The next morning the alarm blared frighteningly early for the am flight and the bleary-eyed JSG made her way to the bold lights of the bathroom. What to her wondering eyes did appear? Splotches and streaks along her legs and torso. LARGE splotches and LARGE streaks. “Oh no, this will not do!” She remembered that she packed an extra pouch and figured she would fix it once she got to Miami.
Sad to say, it only got worse from there. Even with the other half of JSG there to apply it to her backside, the splotches and streaking only got worse. She had to wear jeans out that night and pretend she didn’t hear the snickering at the pool.
Our verdict on the Model Co’s Self-Tanning Glove: We love the concept, but the clear self tanner is impossible to apply correctly. Perhaps if it was tinted?
The JSG who had Mystic? She was golden and gleaming (see her pretty feet at the pool?). Lesson learned.

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