A Few Words on the Mayflower and the Governor

mayflower hotelWith our Governor set to resign this am because of his tawdry dealings at the Mayflower in D.C. we want to share a few unrelated recollections about this grande dame of hotels.

When we were growing up, we would always go to the Mayflower for Easter brunch. The highlight wasn’t the all you can eat shrimp cocktail or endless selections of desserts including solid chocolate bunnies, but the Champagne that we were served as underage teens. It started us on the road to becoming the bubble-holics we are today.

Many years later, when we were back visiting D.C. we were lucky enough to get to stay in a suite at the Mayflower. We were impressed that it even had it’s own fireplace, though it was far, far too warm to use it in the middle of a typically steamy July. We were excited to see our exact room a few months later in the Jerry Seinfeld documentary, Comedian. If it was good enough for Jerry, were pretty sure that it was good enough for Eliot Spitzer, which means we likely stayed in a similar room to where the Governor ruined his career.

One final thought on the issue: We do think prostitution laws should be changed. It’s unfair that a woman can be arrested for being a prostitute while a man who uses her service has done nothing wrong, in the eyes of the law. We’re pretty sure that 99% of women are only prostitutes as a last resort, while the men who use them chose to use their services. This law smacks of being written by old, white men and needs to be updated.

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