A Cure for Cellulite?

bliss fat girl sleep
We try not to be to critical of our body–for the most part it does we want it to when we treat it right and bounces back relatively quickly when we don’t. We also realize it’s pretty futile to be envious of what someone else has got, be it an extra five inches of height; long, lush eyelashes or skin that tans easily. But, we have to admit, the other day in the locker room at the gym, we got a little pang of green when we spied our neighbor’s cellulite free thighs and butt.

We’ve been in the beauty industry long enough to be skeptical about anything that labels itself as a “cure” for cellulite. About the only thing that has ever helped even a little was endermologie, which we had at the Wellpath Spa back when we were an on staff beauty editor. Even though the $120 sessions were comped and the girls at the spa were lovely, it was still hard to find the time to make it to our twice weekly sessions. Within weeks after we quit, our cottage cheese thighs were back. We’ve tried to convince ourselves since then that it didn’t really matter.

Well–after last week, we’re wishing our thighs were just a teeny bit smoother. It doesn’t help that it’s finally about 70 degrees and most dresses we see in the stores are still short enough to confuse with tops. So we’re willing to give cellulite creams another shot. We were given a tub of Bliss Fat Girl Sleep at their recent blogger breakfast. Fat Girl Sleep is a nighttime version of their top-selling Fat Girl Slim. FGS got mixed reviews over at TotalBeauty.com (average rating was a 6). We’ve only used it for a few days, so we’re not sure yet how well it works. We can give it props for smelling good–it’s infused with lavender to help you sleep. Check back in a few weeks and we’ll let you know how it’s going. Til then–we’re sticking with self tanners and longer skirts!

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