10 Minutes– Hair We Come!

quick hairstyles

Do women ever grow out of playing with their hair? We think not and were thrilled to come across a feature on Total Beauty: 17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes. They have styles for different lengths and textures and none requires more than a product or two. Our favorite was the Beach Hippie (pictured above) which works best on “unwashed, dry, slept-on hair”. Perfect fit! The night before we used VO5’s Curvaceous Curls Styling Mouse and let it air dry. It did a nice job of controlling the frizz and bringing out the natural curl in our hair; but the next morning, we needed more style. Enter the Beach Hippie. A few sprays of VO5’s Volume Blast hairspray and a couple of bobby pins, and our hair looked great! This do would work great in humid weather–Atlanta, Houston, Miami. Let’s stop fighting the curl and embrace it.

Visit Total Beauty for full instructions. You can find V05 products at drug stores nationwide: they smell terrific, worked great for styling and experimenting with new do’s, and only run $3.49.

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